Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Conversation at the Pool

I had the following conversation with my 3 year old son yesterday afternoon at the pool:

son: Mommy? Can you take me to the bathroom (except it sounds like baf-room).
me: Sure.
son: Can you take me to the BOYS' bathroom?
me: No, I can take you to the girls' bathroom.
son: Aw, mom! The girls' bathroom is too girlie! I want to go to the BOYS' bathroom. (Maybe he knows I called him girlie in yesterday's posting.)
me: Sweetie. I'm not a boy. I cannot go into the boys' bathroom. I am a girl. I have to go into the girls' bathroom.
son: No! You not a girl! You are a mom!
me: Ok, then I will take you into the moms' bathroom.

That seemed to satisfy him so off we went.

And speaking of the pool, this kid is a natural-born swimmer. Last summer he took a running leap into the pool, plunging into the water. I was right there but made no attempt to rescue him, thought I'd let him figure out for himself why he shouldn't just jump into the pool. I thought it would be a good life-lesson for him. He came up sputtering and shocked but he doggie-paddled out of the pool and did it again. It did not seem to phase him in the least.

Well now that he's had some swimming lessons, he is unstoppable. He can swim with decent arm strokes and started DIVING into the pool yesterday. I'm not joking. The first dive was a belly flop but after I showed him how to place his arms, he was doing fantastic dives, especially for a 3 year old.

It's so fun to watch my kids develop and I am still in awe when my children effortlessly possess a skill or talent that I do not possess, despite hours of trying.

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