Thursday, August 28, 2008

Backwards Boy

My littlest guy is learning to dress himself. He wants to do it all by himself. And he is doing a great job except that most days both his shirt and shorts are on backwards and he usually forgets to put on underwear. But it is so endearing that he tries so hard that I don't make him change, I just get a chuckle out of it every time I look at his backwards clothing.

I would take a picture except that my husband lost our camera at Dutch Wonderland last week.

I also would have taken a pic of the kids sleeping last night, it was the cutest thing. Backwards Boy was sleeping in true backwards style. He was on the bottom bunk and partially rolled onto the trundle; so he was laying face down on the trundle but his lower body was still up on the bottom bunk. And my middle son and daughter were cuddled next to each other and my daughter had her arm around my sons shoulders and fell asleep hugging him. It was the cutest thing. It's nice to see her behaving so sweetly since mostly what I see from her is drama.

Now, if only I had a camera!

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Silja said...

What a shame about the camera... but I have the BEST camera suggestion you just have to have!! They just came out with a 10 mega-pixel version of it that includes video. It's an Olympus. It is waterproof (we take snorkeling pics with it and have taken it on lazy river rides at waterparks) and drop-proof to a certain height. One is water-proof to a deeper level than the other and they range from about $250-$350, but you will never have to worry about getting it wet or dropping it ever again!! It does not come with a GPS, though, so you just can't lose it!! :-)