Friday, August 8, 2008


I have never been any good at analogies. I think I bombed that part of the SATs.

But I know a good analogy when I hear one (I just can't complete them on a timed test).

My next door neighbor has the BEST analogy EVER.

Friday : Weekend :: June : Summer

Let me explain.

Phil says that June is like Friday. June is the start of summer, Friday is the start of the weekend. By the time school ends, June is almost over, just as by the time your workday ends, Friday is almost over. Then comes Saturday, or July. The day (or month) where you sleep in (unless you have little kids), relax, run some errands but basically just enjoy your weekend (or summer). And then comes Sunday, or August. The day (or month) where you start to dread the start of the work week (or school year) and where you have to start getting ready for Monday (or September). The day (or month) where you lament your loss of your weekend (or summer). The day (or month) when you have to start thinking about getting up early for work (or school).

How perfect is that analogy???? So even though the calendar says that it is Friday, Phil says that it is Sunday. And he is right, I am already lamenting the passing of my summer.

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