Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th

We had a busy July 4th weekend. It started with a Block Party on the 4th. We got together with a bunch of neighbors and closed off our alley and celebrated the 4th with food, friends and fun. And rain. But the kids didn't mind the rain at all and neither did the adults. I think we might have stumbled upon a new July 4th tradition.

Then on Saturday, the kids entered their first bike race. There was tons of fun for everyone as the whole town was shut-down for a professional bike race. There was music, food, crafts and lots and lots of people. There were a few hundred kids in the bike race, too cute. Each age group raced separately and raced in heats of 8. Each child received a medal upon completion and that made everyone in my family VERY happy.

We headed into town in a big group, 8 kids and 5 grown-ups.

Then we waited and waited for the race to begin.

On your mark; get set; GO!

Showing off the hard-earned medal:

(In case you are wondering why the pictures are of mostly one child, it is because each kid was in a different racing group and since there are only 2 of us, we had to split up and so most of my pics are of the little guy.)

And to round-out our weekend, we added an adorable little canine to our clan. Here is another pic of our beloved Emma.

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