Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday: More Miley!

We spent the rest of the day with Kelly and her girls. We went to Build-A-Bear, Toys R Us and Times Square. When we arrived in Times Square, Miley was outside the MTV studios and traffic was literally gridlocked due to the pedestrians desperately scrambling to catch a glimpse of her. Here's a pic of the girls scaling a lightpost in order to get a good look at Miley.

The only thing Kelly's oldest daughter REALLY wanted to do in NY was to get a soft pretzel. She was very, very happy:

Kelly's husband was such a good sport to ride the ferris wheel with the girls at Toys R Us. (And no, he did not go to AGP with us, he had lunch with sister instead.)

We said goodbye to Kelly and her family until we meet again next summer . . . maybe in Boston . . .

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Anonymous said...

i loved toys r us in ny