Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday: Miley Mania!!!!

I drove to my sister's house in NJ on Thursday night so that I could spend the weekend in NY with the girls. As I was driving to my sister's I was thinking that I should have checked the Good Morning America website to see who which artist was playing at Bryant Park for the GMA Summer Concert series. So when I arrived at my sister's I checked the GMA website . . . and discovered that Miley Cyrus was playing!!!!! My girls were SOOOOO excited so of course I HAD to take them because when will we ever get a chance to go to a free Miley Cyrus conert?! So we got up at 4AM to take the train into Manhattan. Of course it was MOBBED (some people had camped out since Thursday at 3pm for a Friday morning concert) but we got in line and got in and actually got a decent spot.

When we first arrived, we got a spot that was pretty far from the stage:

But as time passed and people left, we were able to move up and got a pretty good spot:

You might notice that Miley is dressed in a long-sleeved flannel-looking shirt. This might lead you to believe that it was chilly. Not at all! It was so stinking hot and humid that my clothes were damp with sweat and it was only 8AM. But still, it was an exciting experience and definitely worth the trouble of getting up early!

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Damaris said...

Great Miley Pictures!