Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday: American Girl Place!

After the Miley concert, we headed to American Girl Place to meet my college roommate, Kelly, and her 3 girls (they live in NH). We've been planning this trip for a while. My girls gave up a birthday party and instead opted for this trip to NYC -- not even knowing that they'd get to see Miley -- how great a present is that?!

Anyway, we had lunch at American Girl Cafe -- 2 adults, 5 kids and 5 dolls.

The cafe is lovely, a very nice dining experience, and of course, they make a fuss over the girls and their dolls, even providing seats at the table and cups and saucers for the dolls.

(Of course the downside to having the dolls along is that you -- the mom -- have to carry dolls around Manhattan for the rest of the day.)

The girls got a mini cake to celebrate their birthdays:

And of course, everyone got to spend some money at AGP to commemrate the trip.

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miss yea guys
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