Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday: Broadway, Baby!

First Broadway Musical: the girls & Auntie

On Saturday the girls went to their first Broadway musical: Mary Poppins. The theater was beautiful and the show was great fun with lots of special effects. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as did the girls.

Before the show we met our former au pair, Aniko, for lunch in Times Square.

We had an amazing weekend and now I am back home on Puppy Patrol, making sure Emma pees and poops OUTSIDE. It was glorious to get away for a few days and to spend time with Kelly and all our girls. Life is good.

Friday: More Miley!

We spent the rest of the day with Kelly and her girls. We went to Build-A-Bear, Toys R Us and Times Square. When we arrived in Times Square, Miley was outside the MTV studios and traffic was literally gridlocked due to the pedestrians desperately scrambling to catch a glimpse of her. Here's a pic of the girls scaling a lightpost in order to get a good look at Miley.

The only thing Kelly's oldest daughter REALLY wanted to do in NY was to get a soft pretzel. She was very, very happy:

Kelly's husband was such a good sport to ride the ferris wheel with the girls at Toys R Us. (And no, he did not go to AGP with us, he had lunch with sister instead.)

We said goodbye to Kelly and her family until we meet again next summer . . . maybe in Boston . . .

Friday: American Girl Place!

After the Miley concert, we headed to American Girl Place to meet my college roommate, Kelly, and her 3 girls (they live in NH). We've been planning this trip for a while. My girls gave up a birthday party and instead opted for this trip to NYC -- not even knowing that they'd get to see Miley -- how great a present is that?!

Anyway, we had lunch at American Girl Cafe -- 2 adults, 5 kids and 5 dolls.

The cafe is lovely, a very nice dining experience, and of course, they make a fuss over the girls and their dolls, even providing seats at the table and cups and saucers for the dolls.

(Of course the downside to having the dolls along is that you -- the mom -- have to carry dolls around Manhattan for the rest of the day.)

The girls got a mini cake to celebrate their birthdays:

And of course, everyone got to spend some money at AGP to commemrate the trip.

Friday: Miley Mania!!!!

I drove to my sister's house in NJ on Thursday night so that I could spend the weekend in NY with the girls. As I was driving to my sister's I was thinking that I should have checked the Good Morning America website to see who which artist was playing at Bryant Park for the GMA Summer Concert series. So when I arrived at my sister's I checked the GMA website . . . and discovered that Miley Cyrus was playing!!!!! My girls were SOOOOO excited so of course I HAD to take them because when will we ever get a chance to go to a free Miley Cyrus conert?! So we got up at 4AM to take the train into Manhattan. Of course it was MOBBED (some people had camped out since Thursday at 3pm for a Friday morning concert) but we got in line and got in and actually got a decent spot.

When we first arrived, we got a spot that was pretty far from the stage:

But as time passed and people left, we were able to move up and got a pretty good spot:

You might notice that Miley is dressed in a long-sleeved flannel-looking shirt. This might lead you to believe that it was chilly. Not at all! It was so stinking hot and humid that my clothes were damp with sweat and it was only 8AM. But still, it was an exciting experience and definitely worth the trouble of getting up early!

Thursday: What a Weekend!!!

We had a FABULOUS weekend -- so much to blog about! I'll start out by posting a pic of an amazing rainbow that was in the sky for about an hour as we were driving to NJ on Thursday evening. It was incredible -- so vibrant and at times there were double rainbows! We could see the entire arc of the rainbow. It was so beautiful and it made the time fly by as we drove and gazed in awe at its beauty.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Want Her Back

My younger daughter had a breakdown yesterday. She was sobbing over our dog who died in November. I guess having a new puppy is bringing up some feelings of loss and guilt over Molly. After her breakdown, she wrote a song. She asked her older sister to sing it for us, it was too sad for her to sing it herself. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Here is the song:

I Want Her Back

My friends are special
My family is too
My dogs are really fun
But there's one I really miss
She died in November
I want to see you one last time
I want her back
I want her back
I want her back to me forever
And ever
She was the best dog ever
And my two other dogs

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recent Pics

Queen Emma making herself comfy on Lady's dogbed

Emma on the trampoline

Loving Lady (self portrait)

Another Self Portrait

Emma Jean (isn't she cute?)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emma Jean the Jumping Bean

Emma is settling in very nicely. She is a quick learner and seems to thoroughly enjoy our family. We have started calling her Emma Jean from time-to-time. Tonight we were calling her Emma Jean The Jumping Bean because we discovered that she loves to jump! She loves to jump along behind a tennis ball as it bounces; and she loves to chase balls (and the kids). So tonight we put her on the trampoline, which looks more like a ball-pit these days. We have about 100 small balls in there (the kind you find at indoor playgrounds), which makes for loads of jumping fun. Emma LOVED it. She was in there with all 4 kids -- pure heaven for her. AND she was in there with about 100 balls; she would have one in her mouth and then madly chase after the other 99. The more the kids bounced, the more she loved it! The balls would start bouncing too and then she would end up bouncing around trying to catch the balls. A good time was had by all (including me, I was using the kids as targets and was trying to throw balls at 4 moving targets) and I think everyone will sleep well tonight.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


What is better than summer and popsicles?

Check out my neighbor's blog, the boys went over for some summer fun. (Actually they went over to play trains but popsicles are way better than trains!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th

We had a busy July 4th weekend. It started with a Block Party on the 4th. We got together with a bunch of neighbors and closed off our alley and celebrated the 4th with food, friends and fun. And rain. But the kids didn't mind the rain at all and neither did the adults. I think we might have stumbled upon a new July 4th tradition.

Then on Saturday, the kids entered their first bike race. There was tons of fun for everyone as the whole town was shut-down for a professional bike race. There was music, food, crafts and lots and lots of people. There were a few hundred kids in the bike race, too cute. Each age group raced separately and raced in heats of 8. Each child received a medal upon completion and that made everyone in my family VERY happy.

We headed into town in a big group, 8 kids and 5 grown-ups.

Then we waited and waited for the race to begin.

On your mark; get set; GO!

Showing off the hard-earned medal:

(In case you are wondering why the pictures are of mostly one child, it is because each kid was in a different racing group and since there are only 2 of us, we had to split up and so most of my pics are of the little guy.)

And to round-out our weekend, we added an adorable little canine to our clan. Here is another pic of our beloved Emma.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Puppy!!!

Yay!!!! We got a puppy today!!!! (We've been saving for her for a long time.)

Her name is Emma and she is a rescue dog. She is 6 months old and very, very sweet. She is already making herself at home and seems very attached to the kids already, wanting to follow them everywhere. She's also getting along very well with our 13 year old Golden Retriever. They keep chasing each other around. It's pretty funny to watch; Lady can't see or hear well so she will lose track of Emma and then get totally surprised when Emma comes up behind her.

We adore her.

I'll post more pictures later -- she runs around so much that it is hard to get a good picture of her!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cash, then crash!

Today we cashed in our jar of change. $141.16 -- about $100 short of our goal. But that's ok. The important thing is that we ALL contributed to a common goal. I should be able to tell you more about our goal/purchase by Sunday or Monday. ;)

After cashing in the change, I was attempting to help my youngest into the car and the jar slipped out of my hands . . . and crashed to the ground, shards of glass everywhere. Fortunately I was the only one who got cut (very minor). I've had that jar for over 15 years -- what will I do with all my change now that the jar is broken?!

Other news -- today I bought myself a used bike. I've been pregnant or pushing strollers for the last 10 years so for the first time in many years, I am ready to ride! Finally, my youngest is a good rider and when the kids are all riding, I literally have to run to keep up. Now that I have my own bike, I can ride with them. Not only that, but I can use it to transport small items from the Grower's Market and milk from the corner store. Yipee!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Special Visitor

We spent the last day-and-a-half with Aniko, our former au pair. She took care of my girls when they were 1 & 3. She now lives and works in NYC (glamorous life!) but came back for a visit. It was great to see her and spend time with her. The kids LOVE her and it was like she never left. Even though she hasn't spent much time with the boys (she moved to NY before my youngest was born and when my other son was just a baby), they warmed right up to her and couldn't get enough hugs and kisses from her. We'll see her again in a few weeks when we go to NYC.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Saving for Something Special

We've been saving our change for a very long time, saving for something really special. We're about to go to the bank and cash in all our pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters . . . can you guess what we are going to get with all that money?! Stay tuned!