Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ready, Set, Disney!

We're back and we had a FABULOUS time!!!! It was amazing that the vacation went so smoothly, considering that we had 12 people ranging in age from 3-70+. But it was spectacular; the weather was PERFECT and we were busy EVERY MINUTE but it was worth it. I can't wait to go back!

Here are some of our highlights (at least the ones we captured on film).

Classic Castle-in-background Photo

Spinning plates on the Boardwalk

Grandad in the pool!

Grandad has not been in a pool since circa 1978 so this was definitely an important moment! He only needed lifeguard intervention twice. Seriously. He was a good sport and went down most of the waterslides but didn't realize that the pool was only 3 feet deep; he popped off the raft and started yelling, "Save me! Save me!" The lifeguard had to jump in and show him that he could stand up and then he was fine.

I like to call this picture "Ha Ha Ha Ha!" because that is the sound that was coming out of my son's mouth when I snappped this photo. He was delighted to see Pluto coming towards him and could not contain his joy.

My 4 kiddos, plus my nephew and niece, and of course, Mickey.

The girls at Downtown Disney

We spent LOTS of time at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, the 2 waterparks at Disney. They are spectacular. We got this mammoth ice cream sundae on the last day for everyone to share. Yes, that green bucket is FULL of ice cream!

Here's a picture of the whole gang (minus my husband who is taking the photo) at Typhooon Lagoon.

Sword fighting

Mickey Ears

This was my 7th trip to Disney and I love just as much as I did the first time (1980). My absolute favorite, cannot miss Disney activities:

Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach
The waterparks are THE BEST EVER. Perfect on a hot day, lines are not too long and they are SO WELL THEMED that you will want to move to central Florida just so you can visit them regularly. Seriously. I would go back to Disney just for the waterparks. Tip: You can meet characters at the waterparks without having to wait in line like you do at the other parks.

Magic Kingdom SpectroMagic Parade
This is the most amazing parade, beautiful lights, songs and characters and just spectacular, truly. Love it. Tip: This parade takes place at night so you don't have to stand in the hot sun to watch it.

Magic Kingdom Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

This is a stupendous fireworks show that is so good that it makes you gasp with awe. If you go to the Magic Kingdom you absolutely MUST see this show! We had the opportunity to see it twice while we were at Disney; once just outside the castle and the other time we were able to view it from the top of the Contemporary Resort Hotel, on the 15th floor. We made dinner reservations that coincided with the fireworks and were able to go out on the rooftop to watch the fireworks (the music is piped in so that you can see that the fireworks are timed to the music). It was so amazing to watch the fireworks from that vantage point and then be able to have a 4 star dinner afterwards. I will definitely do this again next time and it is one of my all-time favorite Disney memories.

Toy Story Midway Mania
This is a brand-new ride in Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM). I can't adequately describe this ride but it is cool and fun and is my favorite ride at Disney.

Lots more to share but must get some sleep. Our flight was delayed several times so we did not get in until 1AM so I need to get to bed.

But I will leave you with this: I think I am getting old. My head hurt after Rockin' Roller Coaster and my neck hurt after Space Mountain and I felt nauseous for several hours after Mission Space. The last time I visited Disney was only 2 years ago and I was FINE after riding crazy rides. Like I said, I am getting old!

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