Friday, June 6, 2008

Piano Recital

We almost didn't make it. My oldest was freaking out, crying, saying she wasn't going to go to the recital. It all started because I told her she could not go swimming at the neighbor's house after school; instead, she had to practice her recital piece. She freaked out. But she DID finally practice. And then wanted to go swimming. But I still wouldn't let her because I didn't want her getting her hair wet because it was almost 5pm and we still needed to eat dinner, get ready and then leave for the recital around 6pm. So she spent some more time ranting about how she was Not Going to the recital and her life was So Awful because she Never gets to play when She wants to play. But she finally stopped ranting because she got interested in something else (painting her toenails) so I proceeded to get the boys ready.

BUT. My 5 year old freaked out when he found out that he had to wear a button-down shirt. I had to wrestle him to get his clothes on and then he was rolling around on the floor and shrieking. I felt like skipping the recital; too tired to deal with all these melt-downs. However, I was starting to feel sorry for him, knowing that he is still tired from our Disney trip and overwhelmed in general; we've been on the go every night since we returned from Disney and the button-down shirt was the straw that broke the camel's back. I tried to reason with him, calm him down, but to no avail. So then I reminded him that if he continued to behave this way, he would not get ice cream after the recital. He continued to freak, saying he didn't want ice cream, wasn't going, etc. I gave him a second reminder and after the 3rd reminder, I took away his Ice Cream Privilege. This did not change his behavior AT ALL, he continued to cry and roll around on the floor. My oldest daughter, who was acting like a monster 20 minutes prior, suddenly turned into a loving and nurturing sister and brought him to me (I was trying to get myself ready) asking me to give him another chance. I explained that I had already given him 3 chances and he was not going to get another. So then she said that if he couldn't get ice cream afterwards then she wasn't going because it wasn't fair that he couldn't get ice cream and if he couldn't then she wouldn't either. At this point I was pretty darn close to calling the piano teacher (who is also my friend) to say that we would not be at the recital. But because she IS my friend, I didn't want to disappoint her and I also thought it was important for my daughter to perform after all her hard work, so instead I called my husband to ask about his ETA (I badly needed back-up!) and put my son on the phone with my husband. I had hoped that this would calm him down, but it didn't. All it did was allow me to finish getting ready without feeling guilty about ignoring my crying son. My son continued to cry until my husband came home. Miraculously, my husband was able to calm him down and then we went to the recital. Below is a pic of all the students and their teacher.

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