Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Perfect Day

My 1st grader brought home a story that she wrote at school. I thought I'd share it on the blog.

(I corrected her invented spelling just to make it easier for you to read but the misspelled words are cute.)

My Perfect Day

My perfect day would be my birthday. First mysister will bring me breakfast. She will bring me ice cream with cookies and syrup Yum. Then I will get dressed in a dress for my birthday party. For lunch at the party my mom will order pizza and for dessert we will have cake. My mom will make candy bar cake yum. I love candy bar cake. After we will break the pinata. I love it. Next we will make mini pinatas and fill it in with candy like Jolly Ranchers. Yumo. For dinner we will have cake and fruit and pin the crown on the princess. I like that game a lot. It is a good game. Then we will break the little pinatas. Then the party will be over and I will get a limo and the driver will give me 1000 bucks. And I would go shopping and come home to go to bed but first read then go to bed. The end of my perfect day.

When I started reading it I was so touched that all I have to do to make her dream come true is let her eat ice cream for breakfast and let her have a party. But then I got to the part about the limo . . . I don't know where that came from. I like to think she copied it from the kid next to her because really, where would she get an idea like that?!

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