Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is your refrigerator running?

Mine's not.

Yesterday at breakfast I noticed that my glass of milk was not cold; I commented on it to my husband and he said it is probably just because of the heat and humidity. Which didn't make any sense to me. Last week it was 99 degrees for a few days, but the last few days have been relatively mild.

After he left for work I decided to fiddle with the temp in the fridge. I never know with those dials whether I am making the fridge warmer or cooler so I usually play it safe and put the dial somewhere in the middle, around number 4. So I put it up to 7 for a few hours; no difference. Then I went the other way and put it to number 1 for a few hours; no difference. So when my husband came home from work I told him again that the fridge was not working right. Instead of taking my word for it, he pulled out a thermometer and put it in the fridge and monitored the temp every couple hours and then declared last night that the fridge isn't working. Uh, YEAH. Isn't that what I tried to tell you about 15 hours ago at breakfast?

Luckily we got a second fridge a couple months ago so at least I still have a fridge. However, I was not able to save the ice cream products. I am really annoyed by this because I like to buy Weight Watcher pops, which are $4.39/box. So now 2 boxes are ruined. It wouldn't be so bad except that I've already been through this 2x with the new fridge. Loyal blog readers will recall the ice cream cake incident. What I failed to later post to the blog was that one of my children (youngest) discovered that he could turn the temp dial himself in the new refrigerator so several times (ice cream cake incident was the first time) we lost everything in the freezer until we caught on to what was happening. (At first we thought it was that someone didn't shut the door. The next time we thought the hand-me-down-fridge was faulty. Turns out it was a curious 2 year old messing with the dial.) Anyway, I've now spent about $25 in melted WW ice cream bars. And now my main fridge is broken for sure. The repair guy is coming this afternoon. Hopefully we won't have to buy a new fridge. But if we do, I know which one I want but it is so astronomically expensive that we'd never buy it. But it's nice to dream! Here's a look at the retro kitchen I would create if I had millions.

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