Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat Wave

My boys are in Pittsburgh with my parents for a few days. They are visiting Grammy & Grampy so that I can chaperone my daughters' school field trips.

Except that today's trip was canceled because it was 99 degrees, too hot for the kids to be on a school bus for an hour each way. In fact, the school did not have a hot lunch today because it was too hot to turn on the ovens. It was so hot that they dismissed at 1pm (some schools in the district are not air conditioned.)

Since I was not going to chaperoning a field trip and since my boys are in Pittsburgh, I had the house TO MY SELF today for the first time in 9 years. No exaggeration. I have not been ALONE in this house for more than 45 minutes since 1999, when I went into labor with my oldest child. Yes, the last time I was alone for a day, I spent the day having contractions. Sad, but true. So when I found myself alone today, I wasn't really sure what to do. I thought of going to the library to get a book; or I thought maybe I would get a pedicure; or watch the 12 Oprah shows that are on my TiVo. But no; what did I do? Cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed; cleaned up the dog poop in the yard; cut the grass; scrubbed the kitchen floor; folded laundry for about 45 minutes; cleaned the playroom; cleaned the kids' room; and THEN I finally took a shower and by that time, my girls were home from school.

It looks like I will have the house to myself again tomorrow for a few hours. I will have to try and enjoy it. But I am so used to always moving and doing and planning and organizing, that it is hard to relax. (Sounds like I need a vacation!)

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