Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All A-Buzz

We are all "A Buzz" here now that school is over!

Scholastic is sponsoring a summer reading program for kids that is pretty cool. Each child signs up on-line and has their own Buzz Meter where they record the books they are reading and how much time they are spending reading. This is great because it is "so much more fun" to log-on to the computer to record books, rather than just writing on a paper log. At the end of the summer, the girls can print out their Buzz Log and turn it in at school, rather than turn in a hand-written log.

But the REALLY GREAT thing about this program is that for every 4 books that get logged, Scholastic will donate 1 book to a needy child! So the kids can help a needy child just by reading! The other REALLY COOL thing about the program is that each child who enters gets his/her name entered into a drawing for a free trip to Disney World (4 trips will be awarded in September.)

We'll let you know our stats at the end of summer and we'll definitely let you know if we've won a trip to Disney!

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