Monday, April 14, 2008

A Mom Moment

My daughter was asking me about chicken pox. Lots of questions. She wanted to know if I'd had them, how long I was sick, etc. I told her I couldn't remember, I was 6 when I had chicken pox. She was floored by this and wanted to know if I had any scars. So I lifted my shirt to show her the scar on my stomach. I have not looked at this scar in years. And guess what? I couldn't find it. I had to pull at my skin and twist my neck and then I finally saw it. Except it is not even remotely in the same area of my stomach that it was the last time I looked at it.

I knew my body was different after having 4 babies. I just didn't realize that my skin had stretched so much. Let's put it this way. If my stomach were the globe then the scar used to be in Kansas and now it is in Hawaii.


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Anonymous said...

Oh relax. I'll trade bodies with you then. Wouldn't many women???