Friday, April 4, 2008

Cookie Monster

We have a cookie monster in our house.

Yesterday afternoon we baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are my very favorite. I think we all like the dough more than the cookies. Except for my husband. He thinks its disgusting to eat cookie dough. ANYWAY, I left the cookies on the counter to cool and covered them with a dishtowel because we were going to Wendy's for dinner. I cover the cookies so that our dog, who is more like a moose, won't snatch cookies from the counter. (Honestly, the dog will eat ANYTHING. She is particularly fond of the kids socks. She has been known to eat whole avocados -- I know this because she leaves behind the pit. She will also take bananas from the counter and eat them, skin and all.)

OK, back to the story. Usually the dishtowel is a sufficient deterrent. After all, this dog is 13 years old, can hardly get up/down the steps and can't see well. Apparently her nose works just fine though. When we came home from Wendy's, the dishtowel was on the floor and about 20+ cookies were gone. How this elderly dog is able to get her paws up on the counter and balance there long enough to eat 20 cookies is beyond me. Not only did she eat the cookies, but she made a serious dent in the pile -- I mean she ate all the cookies that were on the first 12 inches of the counter! The dog must have incredible dexterity and determination.

But we love our Lady anyway.

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