Thursday, April 10, 2008

And so it continues . . .

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while might remember the posting about my neighbor getting upset about kids playing in her driveway. Now that the weather is warmer and the kids are playing outside more often, it seems that problems are resurfacing with the neighbor.

Last night some preschool children were drawing in the alley with chalk. A couple of them drew on her driveway as well as the alley. She saw me outside today and came over to ask me if I knew "who did this to my driveway". I told her that it was the kids (which I am sure she knew). Then she proceeded to complain about the kids taking advantage of her and disrespecting her property. (I reminded her that they were using chalk, not spray paint; that it would wash away. I also pointed out that they were just drawing, not writing obscene words. I also assured her that they were "just being kids" and not out to disrespect her property.) She said she thought she might have to put up the No Trespassing signs again. (Nevermind that the children who committed this felony are not old enough to read so what difference would the sign make?) I apologized for the incident and said I would tell my kids to keep off of her driveway. And now it seems I am neighborhood ambassador as she only approached me on this grievance and asked me to spread the word.

Oh, and she told me that all of her family members were SHOCKED when they saw it, they just couldn't believe it. I live right behind the woman and have had my car egged, pelted with oranges AND had a windshield broken by teenagers and she has the nerve to complain about kids with chalk!

I am thinking of using the chalk to write DO NOT WRITE ON THIS DRIVEWAY. OR ELSE.

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