Monday, April 14, 2008

A Mom Moment

My daughter was asking me about chicken pox. Lots of questions. She wanted to know if I'd had them, how long I was sick, etc. I told her I couldn't remember, I was 6 when I had chicken pox. She was floored by this and wanted to know if I had any scars. So I lifted my shirt to show her the scar on my stomach. I have not looked at this scar in years. And guess what? I couldn't find it. I had to pull at my skin and twist my neck and then I finally saw it. Except it is not even remotely in the same area of my stomach that it was the last time I looked at it.

I knew my body was different after having 4 babies. I just didn't realize that my skin had stretched so much. Let's put it this way. If my stomach were the globe then the scar used to be in Kansas and now it is in Hawaii.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Blood, Sweat & Tears

There were no tears involved, but it wouldn't sound right if said Blood & Sweat.

I had to have blood drawn for a routine blood test. I made my appointment and went to the lab with the boys. The phlebotomist started prepping me for the procedure and my boys were very curious. Once she pulled out the needle though, my four year old covered his eyes and kept warning his younger brother to look away. It was very cute. (My younger one loved every minute of it, not sqeamish at all.)

The phlebotomist was not particularly gentle (and I have a bruise and lump to prove it). So I had my eyes closed and was in my "quiet place" to take my mind off the needle while she was drawing my blood. After a couple minuets she asked me if I was going to pass out or if I was sqeamish. I said no. She said, "Good, then hold this." And handed me a vile of blood! I took the vile but my hands were sweaty from working outside all morning and from nervous about her level of expertise so I said, "I'm just going to set that here" and I set it down on the table next to me. I closed my eyes again to go back to my quiet place. Meanwhile, she was yanking on my vein trying to fit a second vile on the needle. Ouch. The next thing I know, she says "Here" and thrusts 2 viles at me; one full and one empty. I am not sure what to do . . . does she want me to hold the full one or the empty one? I've never done this before so I don't know . . . So I reach out my hand and she drops the full one into my hand but it slides out of my sweaty palm and onto the floor. (THANK GOD it did not break because I really didn't think I could take much more yanking on my vein.) At this point, SHE gets aggravated with ME and says, "Oh nevermind, I'll just do it myself!" And I was thinking Uh, YEAH. That is your job. Since when is the patient supposed to handle their own blood?!

I have had lots of blood tests in my life but never once have I been asked to assist in any way. Maybe this is a new concept in phlebotomy where they try to get the patients actively involved in their own care?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

And so it continues . . .

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while might remember the posting about my neighbor getting upset about kids playing in her driveway. Now that the weather is warmer and the kids are playing outside more often, it seems that problems are resurfacing with the neighbor.

Last night some preschool children were drawing in the alley with chalk. A couple of them drew on her driveway as well as the alley. She saw me outside today and came over to ask me if I knew "who did this to my driveway". I told her that it was the kids (which I am sure she knew). Then she proceeded to complain about the kids taking advantage of her and disrespecting her property. (I reminded her that they were using chalk, not spray paint; that it would wash away. I also pointed out that they were just drawing, not writing obscene words. I also assured her that they were "just being kids" and not out to disrespect her property.) She said she thought she might have to put up the No Trespassing signs again. (Nevermind that the children who committed this felony are not old enough to read so what difference would the sign make?) I apologized for the incident and said I would tell my kids to keep off of her driveway. And now it seems I am neighborhood ambassador as she only approached me on this grievance and asked me to spread the word.

Oh, and she told me that all of her family members were SHOCKED when they saw it, they just couldn't believe it. I live right behind the woman and have had my car egged, pelted with oranges AND had a windshield broken by teenagers and she has the nerve to complain about kids with chalk!

I am thinking of using the chalk to write DO NOT WRITE ON THIS DRIVEWAY. OR ELSE.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cookie Monster

We have a cookie monster in our house.

Yesterday afternoon we baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are my very favorite. I think we all like the dough more than the cookies. Except for my husband. He thinks its disgusting to eat cookie dough. ANYWAY, I left the cookies on the counter to cool and covered them with a dishtowel because we were going to Wendy's for dinner. I cover the cookies so that our dog, who is more like a moose, won't snatch cookies from the counter. (Honestly, the dog will eat ANYTHING. She is particularly fond of the kids socks. She has been known to eat whole avocados -- I know this because she leaves behind the pit. She will also take bananas from the counter and eat them, skin and all.)

OK, back to the story. Usually the dishtowel is a sufficient deterrent. After all, this dog is 13 years old, can hardly get up/down the steps and can't see well. Apparently her nose works just fine though. When we came home from Wendy's, the dishtowel was on the floor and about 20+ cookies were gone. How this elderly dog is able to get her paws up on the counter and balance there long enough to eat 20 cookies is beyond me. Not only did she eat the cookies, but she made a serious dent in the pile -- I mean she ate all the cookies that were on the first 12 inches of the counter! The dog must have incredible dexterity and determination.

But we love our Lady anyway.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Can't See You

My 2 year old is in the fascinating developmental stage of realizing that his actions have consequences. Each time he does something wrong, he covers his eyes with his hands and says, "I can't see you, Mudder (mother)." It was cute at first. Now it happens like 7-8x/day. Hopefully he will realize that any time he needs to cover his eyes he should also march himself to time-out.

The "grass is always greener" with my 2 year old. He thinks that whatever anyone else has is better than what he has. For example, he is always eating the left-over food from his siblings. (He eats his own food too. I have 3 kids who eat next-to-nothing and one kid who eats everything.) After sampling his breakfast this morning, as well as finishing all the left-over cereal and toast from his siblings' breakfasts, he proceeded to open the his sister's lunchbox and eat her sandwich! That is when I took the above photo. As previously mentioned, I do not enjoy packing lunches, and really do not enjoy re-packing them at the last minute because a 2 year old decided that a peanut butter sandwich was the perfect complement to a 4 course breakfast.