Monday, March 10, 2008

Wet Weekend

Although it was extremely rainy this past weekend, we had a great weekend getaway, sans children. We stayed at a lovely inn called The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michael's, MD. The harbor town is quaint and it was very quiet, being off-season. But it was perfect. We got up Friday morning and went for a run (together!) and then had breakfast by the water. Next I went to the spa where I had a transforming facial -- my face felt like it belonged to someone else by the time the facial was finished. (Or maybe that is how my face felt when I was 20?) After lunch we went into town to check out some of the shops but it started to rain so we headed back to the inn. For the rest of the afternoon we sat in front of a roaring fire and read. For hours. It was heavenly.

Later that evening we had a nice dinner in front of a fire . . . but it seems that my husband got food poisoning, or maybe had an allergic reaction to crab meat . . . because he started throwing up around midnight Friday night and is still not feeling completely better, almost 3 days later.

Apparently my children missed us terribly (even though we were away for less than 48 hours) because my daughter felt the need to call at 7:35am on our first morning away. I had to remind her of the policy: Do not call me on my cell phone when I am away from home unless it is an emergency. (I had to institute this policy because I literally had 12 phone calls from my children in ONE afternoon back in December. My husband was home with the kids but claimed he had no idea that they were calling me.) So after I reminded my daughter of The Policy, she said, "Well Grammy told me I could call you." (At 7:35am!!!! What was my mother thinking????) I informed my daughter that if she continued to call, I would not answer the phone. She didn't call again for over 24 hours but then called 3x while we were driving home. I guess she just can't live without us, although she says she didn't miss us at all.

Oh, and my children created LOTS of paintings while we were gone. And when they were finished painting, they put the wet artwork on the DINING ROOM CHAIRS to dry! So now I have their artwork stuck to my chairs. Really lovely. I can only hope that one of them becomes a famous artist and I can sell the whole dining room set as art.

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