Friday, March 14, 2008

Now it all makes sense . . .

Today as I was packing my girls' lunches, my younger daughter casually commented, "I don't have any more money in my account."

School lunches are now run on an account, similar to a credit card. I put $25/school year into each girl's account; that way they can buy lunch on pizza day and/or when things are too hectic for me to pack their lunches. A school lunch costs $1.75. That means that each child can buy lunch approximately 14 times/school year. Last year my oldest daughter carried over money to this school year and she has $12 in her account presently. Despite the fact that this system encourages kids to "charge" and not really hand over money for their food, it does allow me, the parent, to log-on and see what they are purchasing. So I did. I got the details of their purchases for the last 30 days. Here is what Daughter #2 purchased:

2/19 soft pretzel
2/21 soft pretzel
2/25 chips
2/26 chips
2/27 chips
2/28 soft pretzel
2/29 ice cream
3/3 soft pretzel
3/5 chips
3/5 fruit
3/7 ice cream
3/10 ice cream
3/11 chips
3/12 fruit

No wonder she is not eating her lunch! I had no idea that she was buying a snack nearly every day. Notice that she purchased fruit 2x. I questioned her about this, since I pack her fruit (or carrots, but usually fruit) EVERY DAY. She said she bought fruit on the days she didn't like the fruit I packed, i.e., kiwi.

I was seriously annoyed to find out that she has spent ALL the money in her account ON SNACKS. But this is an easy one to solve -- I won't deposit any more money, and therefore she will not be able to buy any more snacks. FOR THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry... but that is funny... and only because it isn't my kid. I cannot even imagine if Tyler and Callan had money in an account like that... it would be gone in like a day. And all of their friends would have snacks as well... luckily, here we still have to buy lunch tickets... I guess there are advantages to being behind the times. :)

See you guys Monday!