Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today I registered my son for Kindergarten. The process is cumbersome and not well organized and there are about 15 papers to fill out. Then you have to meet with the nurse. And then with the secretary. And then you can go home and contact your dentist and doctor for 3 more forms (in addition to the 15 that you already filled out) that you need to turn in so that your child can actually attend school.

When it was my turn to meet with the nurse, she started taking my son's information and she said, "Wait . . . Langan . . . don't you already have children in this school?" And I said, "Yes. You know my daughters, the Lice Magnets? Remember them?" She laughed and told me that my girls were not the only lice magnets in the school. Then she told me that lice is a problem at one of the other elementary schools right now. I am going to start the Listerine treatments again tonight.

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