Monday, March 17, 2008

Luck o' the Irish

Someone once told my children that if you leave your shoes out on the evening of March 16, you will wake up in the morning on St. Patrick's Day to a shoe-full of candy, left by leprechauns, of course. So guess who has to run out to the store once they are in bed to get the candy? For some reason I never remember to do it ahead of time. Maybe its because I never participated in this ritual as a kid, so its not something I think about? Anyway, last year I put a candy bar in each kids' shoe. My husband put his shoes out too (or maybe the kids put his shoes out). Well, when we got up on St. Patrick's Day, the only thing left was a couple of empty candy wrappers. Our dog had eaten EVERY candy bar and most of the wrappers too! I have heard that chocolate can be bad for dogs, but it did not phase our dog AT ALL. She never even got sick! (Of course she is about 100 pounds). So this year we strategically placed the shoes so that our dog would not be able to eat the candy. My girls wrote notes to the leprechaun. I laughed so hard when I saw the note from my oldest. (NOTE: this will be funny to you only if you watch The Office):

(photo removed)

She wrote the notes on Post-it notes that say I "heart" Jim, referring to the character Jim (John Krasinski) from The Office. Her note says:

"Dear lepercon, Can you please leaf candy in both shoes? Thank you. By the way, I do love Jim. He is funny. Dwight he is not funny. Well sometimes."

She cracks me up.

P.S. For those of you who are wondering why we aren't in Pittsburgh as planned . . . My 4 year old is sick (and so is my nephew who was supposed to go with us) so we are stuck at home instead. I am not looking forward to being stuck in the house all week; the kids are home from school for Spring Break; my son has been sick since Thursday; and I am sure someone else will fall ill momentarily.

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