Sunday, March 2, 2008

Long time, no post

I realize I have not been posting very much . . . It's not for lack of material . . . I guess it is just for lack of enthusiasm. I am tired of winter. I find January-February-March to be BLAH and so that is my attitude towards most things this time of year (including the blog, the gym, cooking, laundry, etc.). However, since we are going to be moving the clocks forward next week, I will try to get into a Spring-like mood and post some sunny thoughts.

So to catch you up on what has been happening around here:
  • We are finished with diapers!!! I don't think it is normal for a 2 1/2 year old boy to sleep through the night without a diaper and without wetting the bed (my 4 year old has just barely mastered this skill) but he does! I think it is because he is the youngest of 4 and is desperate to be a Big Boy.
  • Only 80+/- days until we go to Disney!
  • My husband and I are going away for 2 nights this weekend! 2 NIGHTS!!!!! When he made the reservation he said they asked if this was a "special occasion". He said no; but I think that having 4 kids and getting away for 2 nights is a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT and it is a Special Occasion in my book!
  • We are looking forward to Spring Break and heading to Pittsburgh for a few days to visit my parents. My poor husband will be all alone on St. Patrick's Day (he is not going to Pittsburgh) so he will have to celebrate solo. He was born and raised in Ireland so he really looks forward to March 17. (Although in Ireland, St. Paddy's Day is a holy day of obligation and has more to do with going to church than drinking green beer.) I'm not sure if he is disappointed that he will be all alone or if he is looking at it as a gift to get to do what he wants to SPD without having to pay a sitter.
  • I am hoping that Spring comes along with Spring Break. We had 3 Snow Days in February. I thought I wanted a huge snowstorm; I kept wishing for one. But after spending 15 minutes cleaning ice and snow off my car last week, I am more than happy to say good-bye to winter and "Hello!" to spring.
  • I am trying to convince my husband that we should get another dog. He thinks we should wait 10 years to get a new dog; I think we should get one this summer. Time will tell.
That's all, folks!


Anonymous said...

Hey call me when you are coming home so we can see you guys! There is a free Easter Egg Hunt at my school on the 15th if you want to bring the kids then we could go to lunch or something and take all of the kids. I miss you guys!

We just got back from Disney in January... Callan played soccer down there but we stayed for six days. It is AWESOME. Your kids will love it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops... I forgot to tell you it is Jen!