Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Bit Crabby

I bought these adorable crab salt and pepper shakers at Target. They are too cute. I have been looking for unique salt/pepper shakers for a while . . . I wasn't sure I would like the crabs . . . they don't exactly go with my kitchen . . . but they are SO CUTE. I smile every time I walk into the kitchen and see them. It's as if they are smiling and waving back at me.

They are both filled with sugar, not salt or pepper. An unintended consequence of not allowing my kids to eat sugary cereal is that they have been adding their own sugar to their cereal, thus draining the sugar bowl several times each week. (I know, there is probably less sugar in Lucky Charms than my kids were adding to their own bowls of plain cereal every morning.) So I decided to get these shakers and fill them with sugar. I am sure this will cut down on the sugar consumption. Even if they shake 20x, they will be getting less sugar than they would spooning from the sugar bowl. (Besides, I think they will get bored after 5 shakes.) And the crabs are the perfect size for little hands. And they are so cute. I don't even like crabs (to eat) but I sure like these little guys. I never knew how much they would brighten my day.

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