Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Favorite Restaurants

I love love love food. I also love dining out. Here are my (our) favorite places to eat:

Favorite Family Restaurant: Bugaboo Creek Steak House
I don't even like steak but I LOVE Bugaboo! The restaurant is decorated like a Canadian Lodge. There are lots of things to keep the kiddos interested: a talking moose, a life-sized grizzly who moves, raccoons that pop out of barrels . . . every 5 minutes there is something new for the kids to look at. And the food is GREAT.

Favorite Mexican Restaurant: On The Border
I love their Guacamole Live! They prepare your guacamole right in front of you and it is perfection. I don't eat anything else. Just a giant bowl of fresh guacamole. This restaurant is also nicely themed. However, the kids are not too crazy about the kiddie menu, ie, they do not serve mac and cheese. Oh, and they have yummy frozen margaritas too.

Favorite Fast Food: Wendy's. Have said enough about this.

Favorite Grown-up Restaurant: Gilmore's
Special occasions only, it's way too expensive otherwise but is definitely worth the splurge now and then. Definitely NOT a place to take the kids.

Favorite Pizza: ????
I live in a town that has at least 20 different pizza shops yet I still have not found the Perfect Pizza. I really like Bertucci's but it's too far away to go regularly and thus too far for take-out. (The kids really like going there. They each get a blob of dough to play with and they can watch the pizzas going into the ovens.)

If anyone has a suggestion for FANTASTIC pizza, leave your suggestion in Comments.

OK, with all this talk of food, I am getting hungry so I am going to log-off and make dinner.

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