Monday, March 3, 2008

The Best

In an effort to post more frequently, I decided to start a Best Of posting each week. Today's list is The Best Places to Eat for Under $20. This would mean feeding a family of 6 for less than $20. Keep in mind that my children do not eat very much.

1. Wendy's. Of course. We are regular (weekly customers). I heard a news report today about a crazy gunman who opened fire at a Wendy's in Palm Beach, FL. Yikes. The next time I go to Wendy's I will definitely be scoping out a place to take cover should that happen at my Wendy's.

2. Peace A Pizza. We get a large cheese pizza, large drink and a salad all for $19.99. Great deal. As they say, "Parents Want Peace. Kids Want Pizza. We have both." My kids LOVE to eat there and we love how tired out they become as they run all the way there AND all the way home.

3. Jimmy John's. This is a fantastic hot dog joint that is retro; not in a good way, but cool nonetheless. It is a GREAT place for boys because they have electric trains all over the place. My kids could spend an hour feeding quarters to the trains and watching them run. Also a great place for kid birthday parties, only $5/kid which includes a roll of quarters for the trains, food for the kids AND your child's name on the sign outside.

4. Wegman's. Yes, the supermarket. They have a Market Cafe attached to the store. Each person can choose his/her cuisine and then you can all sit down and eat together. And grocery shop when you are finished.

5. Wawa. Wawa makes really yummy subs. When we are in a rush AND hungry or hungry AND too tired to cook, a stop at Wawa is in order. Their chicken salad subs are the grown-up favorite while the kids prefer the meatball subs. Throw in a bag of chips and some ice cream and you still come in under $20.

Check in next Monday to find out the next Best Of topic.

P.S. Hey Jenn, I knew it was you in the comment section. You type just like you talk. I keep meaning to call you about getting together when we're in the Burg. Will call soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey we were at soccer when you called last night and I will call you tonight. We can DEFINITELY meet at Cici's! Just let me know which night and we will be there. I hope the baby comes too and Amanda. :)