Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nosy Neighbors

Have I ever mentioned that my next door neighbor is a pediatric nurse in the ER? Well, he is. And this came in very handy today when my 2 year old shoved candy up his nose. His sister had a candy necklace and apparently he thought it was a good idea to bite a piece off and put it in his nose. Of course I am in the shower when this is happening. So I get out of the shower and assess the situation. I could see it; this is good. He couldn't blow it out; this is bad. I got my little zit grabber/wand to assist me in removing it from his nose. (You know, the thing they use to get zits off your face when you get a facial? Like a giant tweezer, but slimmer. I really wanted to take a picture of it, along with the candy necklace but my husband took the camera to England so you will have to use your imagination.) But I just couldn't seem to get it; I was afraid of possibly pushing the candy further into his nose.

So I called my neighbor and he came over to help. He was so great and very professional. (Duh. I mean, I know he is a professional. I was just in awe of how efficiently, gently and quietly he worked.) He rolled up a towel and put it under my son's neck and then wrapped his body in another towel (efficiently binding his arms). Then he just swooped the wand into my son's nose, dug around and then, pop! Out came the candy (along with a lot of snot).

So much better than going to the ER with 4 children. Yay Phil!

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