Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Kids Are Smarter Than I Am

This is true. Not just because they can remember lots of stuff (I can't even remember what I ate for dinner last night) but because they are curious and learn about lots of things that I will never know about.

For example:

We took a family walk this weekend. My 4 year old asks my husband, "Dad. Do you know why Pluto isn't a planet anymore?" (Who knew?!) My husband, thinking he was being called upon to bestow wisdom, said, "Hmm. I think it IS a planet." To which my son replied, "No, Dad, it's not. Pluto isn't a planet anymore because it doesn't spin on its own axis. It jumped onto the axis of another planet. The planet with all the rings, I forget that one's name. So it's not a planet. You have to have your own axis to be a planet." My husband and I looked at each other with astonishment and my oldest daughter said, "Wow! You are smarter than I am!"

And then there are my girls:

I was in the family room while the girls were in the playroom using the computer (Webkinz, usually). I hear the oh-so-friendly computer-generated female voice (you know, the one you hear when you call the phone company, etc. and instead of a real person you get a computer that sort-of sounds like a person?) saying, "Your choices are sutures or staples." What the heck?! So I walk in to investigate and ask the girls, "WHAT are you doing?" To which one of them replied, "Surgery. We are doing a virtual hip replacement." WHAT???!!!! So I take a closer look. Yep, sure enough, they are. Check it out at EdHeads. CRAZY stuff! When I was their age, I had only ever heard about computers, had never seen one. And now my girls are performing virtual surgeries online! CRAZY!

Later that night when I called them upstairs for bed, one of them said, "OK Mom. Just as soon as finish this knee replacement." If one of my kids grows up to become a surgeon, I will donate a ton of money to EdHeads for getting them started!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel. Kids usually are smarter then their parents. My kids and my wife are all smarter then I am, but thats not too hard to be. Show your children how smart you are. Tell them that Pluto was demoted from being a planet because of it's size. The people who decide what is a planet decided that Pluto is too small to be considered a planet.....Avi