Friday, February 1, 2008

11 Long Days

My husband leaves today for a trip to England. He'll be gone for 11 days. So for the next 11 days I will either blog like crazy or I won't blog much at all. I'll have to see how it goes being The Only Parent On Duty 24/7 for 11 days. My biggest concern about his travel is that I cannot go to the gym at 5am if he is not here. Thankfully, my sister has agreed to come stay for a few days. Thus, I'll be able to go to the gym and I'll also have an adult to talk to, which will be great. Plus, we rarely get to spend time together so it will be great to just BE.

Woo-hoo! 2 Hour Delay today!!! Yipee! I get as excited about a delay as my children do! After going to school my whole life and then working in schools, I never lost the childlike delight that comes from learning there is a Snow Day or 2 Hour Delay. Yay! I had no idea that there was a delay, except that someone at the gym pointed it out to me (luckily; otherwise I'd be standing at the bus stop wondering why the bus was late. Because its raining, not sleeting, so who knew there would be a delay? And yes, after sleeping in 3 days in a row, I finally got my butt to the gym today. I actually felt rested when I woke up this morning so perhaps that justifies sleeping in all week?).

Update: Maniac son is now getting himself dressed without fussing. I don't think he is cured of his clothing struggles but it does seem to be going much better since I made him leave the house in his underwear. My next challenge is to get him to stop freaking out every time I brush his hair.

Over & Out.

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