Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh the joys . . .

Oh the joys of owning an old house.

Critter Control came today. We have bats. And squirrels. The bats (at least some of them) are "wintering over" a/k/a hibernating in our attic. And we most likely have a female colony which means lots and lots of baby bats come spring time. My mind is spinning with all the information about repair, removal, cost, etc. It is very complicated. For one thing, we live in a twin, which means we share a wall with our next door neighbor. We have a joint attic. There is no sense in repairing gaps on our side because the bats will just find a gap on our neighbor's side and enter through his house and then roost in our attic again. (Our neighbor has never done bat prevention or removal, which may be why we keep getting re-infested.) So we have to get our neighbor on-board with bat and squirrel removal and prevention.

In addition, our roof will need replaced in the next few years . . . once the roof comes off, all the animal-proofing would need to be done again. So we are either looking at animal-proofing now and then a new roof AND animal-proofing some time in the next few years, OR just do both the roof and animal proofing now. I just placed a call to the roofing company to have them come out and tell us how many years our roof has left so we can figure out the cost/savings of bat proofing and/or getting a new roof. The good news is that our homeowners may cover some of the costs of the bat and squirrel removal as well as replacement of attic insulation that they have destroyed.

The guy from Critter Control showed up just as we were ready to leave for the bus stop this morning. So I quick called my neighbor to see if I could send the girls to the bus with her. I sent them off to school while I gave the Bat Man our bat history and then showed him the attic crawl spaces, etc. A little while later I realized that I forgot to finish packing the girls' lunches -- I usually cut up an apple at the last minute so it doesn't get yucky and ditto with the bagel and cream cheese. But in the rush to get the bat inspection going, I forgot to give them their fruit and bagel. So all they have in their lunches today is yogurt and cheese sticks. Not to mention that they both walked out the door in jackets, thinking it was warm like yesterday BUT IT'S NOT! I might have known this if I had gone to the gym this morning at 6am as planned. But since I slept in, I had no idea that it was like 32 degrees this morning. The poor things will be cold at recess. No Mother Of The Year award for me today. I do, however, think I deserve an award for having more bats in my house than anyone should ever have. I'll have to think of a really catchy and clever name for that award.


The Kerpers said...

Reading this is keeping me on my toes...every noise I hear I'm thinking is a bat-squirell!

AvianMaven said...

Hey. I just happened upon your blog while browsing around and relate to your predicament. Have you ever tried using an ultrasonic repeller machine (like this for example: I think you could probably find something cheaper online if you looked around. They are really good for indoor areas where the ultrasonic waves are contained and magnified. It disturbs the bats echolocation and makes them feel uneasy (therefore wanting to get to a safer place). It'd definitely be good to get rid of the bats before the babies come or you will end up stranding a whole lot of babies when their parents leave and they're left behind to die (which is sad...and smelly). A really helpful thing to do is to set up a "bat house" somewhere else on your property so that bats will just go there instead of working hard to get inside your attic. Good luck. Write me a note on my blog if you need anything or have any questions.

Grammy said...

Ye Olde Bat Awarde

The Good the Bat and the Ugly Award

Ye Olde Order of Batmitton Racquet

Bats in the Attic Award

Gitty Gatty Driven Batty Award