Thursday, January 3, 2008

Now I Know

I finally figured out why my 4 year does not want to go to school most of the time (besides his hatred of clothing). He likes being home. I know he likes being home but I finally discovered the reason why he likes being home.

He was breezing past me in the hall and said, "Mom! Me and my brother and the girls is gonna play swimming lessons!" I said, "Wow, ok, that sounds great." And he said, "Yeah. There is so many kids in this house to play with. It's fun. I wouldn't like it if there was just one kid here. Cause then I would have to go to school to play with friends. But there is lots of kids here so there is always someone to play with!" And off he went to his pretend swimming lesson.

I was so touched to hear him verbalize his appreciation for his siblings. There was a time (with each pregnancy) when I was concerned that my child(ren) would get less love and attention as each new baby was added to the mix. While this may be true at times, I hope the love and acceptance and comradery that they get from each other makes up for the times when I am too overwhelmed to give them the individual attention that they would get if there were fewer kids running around.

Hmmm . . . maybe its time to add ANOTHER baby to the mix? Only joking!

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