Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Thursday!

I have not blogged for a while. First of all, January is SUCH a boring month. Secondly, I find it hard to get motivated to do ANYTHING in January. Its cold and dark and dull (after the excitement of Christmas). Most people are really motivated in January (New Year's Resolutions and all) but I am the opposite.

So today I thought I would blog about THURSDAYS. I love love love Thursday. It is my favorite day of the week, always has been. There are lots of reasons I love Thursday:

1. It's almost Friday. I like the anticipation of the weekend.

2. There is (or used to be before the Writer's Strike) great TV on Thursday night. Most notably: Survivor, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, This Old House and House Hunters. (No, of course I don't watch them all on Thursday. I TiVo them.)

3. I don't cook on Thursday. We go to Wendy's every Thursday night. This is because my husband has choir practice on Thursday night and it is just easier to eat at Wendy's and then drop him off at choir on the way home. When I get home I get the kids ready for bed without having to clean up dinner dishes.

4. I get together with a good friend on most Thursday afternoons. I love our tea time and our kids enjoy each other's company too.

5. There is no preschool on Thursday. This means that once I take the girls to the bus stop, I can come home and get started on my day without taking 30+ minutes to drop off at preschool. I try to stay home (wearing my slippers) for the whole day. I plan errands for another day so that I can just focus my attention on projects (laundry, bills; no REAL projects) at home. This also means that I do not have to fight with my son to get his clothes on in order to get him to school. Yes, we are still fighting about this. Some days are better than others. There will be days where he happily gets himself dressed, trying on every article of clothing he owns and leaving them strewn about the floor. Other days he freaks out at the mention of clothing. Other days he tells me he can't go to school because he doesn't have enough time to play with his toys and with his brother. (How can you argue with that? I thought he was very sweet to want to spend time with his brother; but he later the same day he told me that he decided he didn't want to be brothers anymore.) A day of no fighting definitely makes Thursday a Happy Day. :)


mand said...

Tim always refers to Thursday as "Friday Eve," and it's now apparently caught on in his office.

Karla said...

I saw you at the awesome BECAUSE I SAID SO. I like your blog design - very cool. My kids are a little older than yours, but we're on the 2-years plan, too - 5, 7, 9, 11.
Glad your health issues worked out.

rachel said...
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