Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Our tree is decorated, the house is decorated, the gifts have been purchased (some of them are even wrapped), the Christmas cards have been mailed and I'm in the process of baking cookies. When I looked at the calendar the day after Halloween and realized that it was just 3 weeks until Thanksgiving, I started to panic! What I failed to realize (until after Thanksgiving) was that I have an EXTRA week to prepare for Christmas since Thanksgiving was so early this year. Thus, I am nearly finished with my Christmas preparations. And it feels REALLY good! I am usually stressed and anxious and doing too much on too little sleep. Not this year! I like that I am relaxed and enjoying the anticipation of Christmas. I am going to try to be this prepared EVERY year. (Check back next year to see how I'm doing.)

My 4 year old son wrote a letter to Santa the other day. He cannot write yet, except for the letters A, O, N, W so the entire page was covered in these letters. Nonetheless, he read his letter to me:

Dear Santa,

I want lots of toys for Christmas. Except I don't know what toys I want. But you probably know all the toys that are in the world so you will know what I would like. And I want lots of candy for my stocking.

It was fun to watch him "read". He kept stopping and pointing to his letter and asking, "Did I draw this letter right? Does this say the right thing?" and I would say, "It's perfect" and he would smile and continue "reading".

My kids love to help decorate the house (they are actually really helpful) and they love it when I unpack the Little People Nativity. I love the Little People Nativity too. Here's a picture of it after I've set it up.

And here is a picture of how it looks after my children get a hold of it:

They like to turn all the people and animals so that they are all peering into the manger. This used to frustrate me, so I would move them all back to the way I like it. After a couple days of this back-and-forth, my younger daughter said, "Mom! Why do you keep DOING that?! They want to see the baby Jesus and you keep moving them!" So now I don't interfere with the Little People Nativity. I let the kids set it up however they want. And I have a feeling that I'll use that nativity every year, turning all the Little People so they are peering into the manger, long after my children are grown.

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