Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday!

This is an exciting weekend for birthdays in our family. My Dad is celebrating his 70th birthday (sorry, Dad for telling everyone how old you are) and my nephew is celebrating his 1st birthday. (My husband is also celebrating this weekend, he and my father share the same birthday. My husband is turning 38, not such an exciting milestone).

My siblings and I took our parents out to Gilmore's for a birthday celebration on Friday night. Our sitter never showed up and by the time we realized that she was ditching us, it was too late to get another sitter. We had been looking forward to this evening for months and I was really annoyed with her for not showing up. My brother was driving in from Pittsburgh to join us for dinner and he arrived at our house just as we realized that the sitter was not going to show. I asked my brother to babysit and he graciously agreed. We were so grateful to him for his willingness to give up such a yummy meal to take care of 5 kids (my four plus my nephew). My brother's name is Dan and we have nicknamed him Danny the Manny (you know, like Nanny but since he is a man we call him Manny). Dinner was amazing and we brought home a spectacular dessert for Dan and then took him out the following night as a thank you.

We celebrated my nephew's 1st Birthday today.

Here is a picture of nephew, Liam, just after he was born.

I had the AMAZING privilege of attending his birth on December 16, 2006. He was absolutely perfect. He has turned into such a cutie and has developed a sparkling personality over the past year.

Here is a picture of him today, enjoying his birthday cake. It's hard to believe how many changes happen in the life of a baby in just one year!

Liam really enjoyed his cake and pretty soon it was all over him!

And pretty soon our dog, Lady, was more than willing to help clean him off!

They BOTH enjoyed the cake and I think Liam enjoyed feeding Lady as much as he enjoyed feeding himself.

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