Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cookies & Cake

We are baking almost every day in preparation for Christmas. Yesterday we made the oh-so-fun, much anticipated Sugar Cookies! In addition to green and white icing, I let the kids use Gel Icing that you squirt out of little tubes. Big Mistake!! They had no concept of "enough" and when you use too much gel icing, you end up with black blobs which are hideous and very unappetizing. (The ones in the photo below don't look too bad because I used paper towels to wipe off the black blobs. Very messy, my hands were bluish-purple by the time I finished.)

Of course they LOVE to load the cookies up with as much icing and sprinkles as possible - yuck. Not only did the kids enjoy decorating the cookies, one child in particular ate all the ones he decorated.

As stated in a previous post, my husband recently celebrated his birthday. We got him a cool ice cream cake that looks like a gingerbread house. My daughter took this picture of us with the cake, I think she did a good job for a 6 year old.

I've been baking for a couple weeks and am storing the cookies in the basement freezer. The ice cream cake is in the same freezer. We planned to have left-over ice cream cake for dessert last night but when I went to cut it, I discovered that it was nearly melted. That's because the freezer door was not shut tightly . . . apparently one or more of my children has been sneaking cookies from the freezer!

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