Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Parade

I still haven't received any other photos from the parade so I guess I am going to have to post my own.

Our church built a Nativity float for the parade. My husband was a shepherd, my oldest daughter was a sheep and my 4 year old son was a cow. My son decided at the last minute that he wanted to be on the float. As soon as he saw the cow costume (or more specifically, the horns) he just HAD to wear it. He was so cute, he kept holding onto his horns and moo-ing. Once the parade started, he was waving to people, and according to my husband, got LOTS of attention. My husband said that people were laughing at how cute he was and said people were moo-ing and waving at him. Poor little guy. He thought people were laughing AT him and he started to withdraw and get sad and eventually stopped waving and started hiding his head against my husband's chest. By the time I saw the float go by, he was nearly in tears and had taken off his cow hat.

The parade was a huge success, in spite of the parade route changing and thus we were standing out in the cold for nearly 2 hours. We didn't even stay for the end of the parade because we were so cold. But the weather was dry and we had lots of fun in spite of the cold.

Here's a picture of the float.

Unfortunately, I am on the wrong side of the float so you can't really see the shepherd, sheep or cow. (Like I said, the parade route changed. I would have been on the right side if they had followed the printed route.)

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