Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best & Worst of 2007

I really don’t like New Year’s. For one thing, I am scared to death of getting hit by a drunk driver. Therefore, I try to not drive anywhere on New Year’s Eve. Secondly, I really dislike all the resolution-making. I hate resolutions. If I want and/or need to do something in my life, I am just going to do it without waiting for January 1 to roll around. So my only resolution is to not make any resolutions.

Anyway, since I have only been blogging for a couple months, some of you have missed out on some important Langan Moments over the past year. Thus, this posting will be a “Best & Worst of 2007”. I’m going to post the items in chronological order, not in the order of the Best or Worst. There are a couple items that fit under both Best and Worst but I’ll let you figure out which is which.

Best & Worst of 2007

Rachael Ray Show
I got to go to NYC to be a part of the studio audience for a taping of The Rachael Ray Show. Very cool and exciting. My friend, Michele got us tickets through her brother, who is a TV anchor in Lancaster (thanks, Ben!) Unfortunately we did not get to see anyone famous because they were taping 3 different segments on the day we were there, none of which involved a celebrity, darn! However, I was on TV a couple times so that was my 6 seconds of fame.

The Piano

I purchased a piano from eBay for less than $150. It is beautiful and I love it. My oldest daughter is taking lessons and my younger daughter will start lessons sometime during 2008.


We went to Ireland for 2 weeks to visit my husband’s family. Traveling with 4 children, 2 car seats, 2 booster seats and 8 suitcases is no easy feat.

We had a great time and stayed with Grannie & Grandad in Galway. We got to see our cousins from England as well as our cousins from Dublin and many of our extended family members who live in Ireland.

This trip was not so great for me, however. I was sick and on antibiotics right before we left for Ireland and as soon as I finished taking the antibiotics in Ireland I ended up with strep throat. And then my oldest daughter came down with strep the day before we flew back home. Fortunately we were able to get to see a doctor (they weren’t too interested in taking us as patients, thanks to socialized medicine but agreed to see us as a favor to my mother-in-law) and got some more antibiotics before flying home.


My husband and I got to spend 2 nights in Edinbugh, Scotland WITHOUT KIDS! This was supposed to be the highlight of my summer: 2 nights in a nice hotel and sight-seeing without a stroller. Except that I started getting a fever (precursor to the strep) and ended up spending most of the trip in bed while my husband went sight-seeing on his own. Still, it was luxury to be sick and be able to LAY DOWN without having to still cook, change diapers, pack lunches, help with homework, take care of kids, etc.

Kelly comes to visit!
Right after we got back from Ireland/Scotland, my best friend from college, Kelly and her family drove down from New Hampshire to spend a few days in PA. It was so great to see her!!!! We had such a good time just talking and eating ice cream together, it was just like old times. And our girls became good friends too.

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in August. Yay!


Before & After
My friend, Michele (not the same Michele as the one from The Rachael Ray Show) taught me how to garden. For those of you who have seen my yard, you can attest that it was a terrible mess. Michele looked at it and said, “You know, your yard is a diamond in the rough.” She inspired me to get started, showed me how to dig flower beds and mix soil, took me to the nursery to help me buy plants and encouraged me every step of the way. Who knew gardening could be so rewarding and so addictive???

Before & After

We are swimming!
I mean this metaphorically, of course.

My oldest daughter has always struggled developmentally and academically. I have been on a quest (since she was 2 years old) to find out what was going on with her and to get her the help she needed. I felt like she was a puzzle and that I had to not only find all the pieces, but I had to figure out how to put them all together. After many years and doctor appointments (ear tubes, speech therapy, developmental pediatrician, audiologist, language therapy, diagnostic tests, diagnosis of multiple learning disabilities, needing glasses, reading support, learning support, nutritional counseling, etc., etc.) we finally have all the pieces in place.

Thanks to her amazing teachers who cared about her not only academically but also about her well-being, she is finally getting the help she needs. She is finally keeping pace with other 3rd graders. She still has to work hard but it feels great to be swimming instead of sinking!

Good riddance. Enough said.

My heart is still sad as I am missing my dear little dog, Molly who died in November. Sometimes I think I hear her barking when I pull the car into the parking space behind the house. Or in the middle of the night I reach out to pet her at the foot of my bed. When I was decorating for Christmas, I carefully unpacked our advent calendar because it has bells on it and every year when I would unpack it, Molly would hear the bells and would start barking like crazy. But then I realized I didn’t need to keep it quiet anymore since she was not around to bark at it.

On the bright side, we were given a lovely book by our friends, the McKnights, called Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant. The text and pictures are lovely and it makes me smile to think of Molly eating squirrel-shaped dog biscuits in heaven.

No More Diaper Bag!
I have been carrying a diaper bag for the past 8.5 years but no longer need to carry one as my youngest is potty-trained during the day (he still needs a diaper at night). I cannot even believe that I can walk out of the house without a diaper bag and without a sippy cup! I never knew how liberating it would be to be finished with diapers! I am looking forward to the next milestone: no more car seats or booster seats. I’ll be waiting at least another 6 years for that though.

Have a happy, healthy, harmonious 2008!

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