Sunday, November 18, 2007

Turkey Day

Around here, we affectionately refer to Thanksgiving as Turkey Day and we are all looking forward to going to Auntie's house and eating some turkey. WE LOVE TURKEY DAY! I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons: the feast, the history behind the holiday, my childhood memories of Thanksgiving, the gathering of family, the crisp weather, the Macy's parade, the calm before the storm of the Christmas holiday; and I also like that you can say, "Happy Thanksgiving!" and not worry that you are offending someone who does not celebrate because almost everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.

Today at church I was checking out a bulletin board that was decorated with colorful hands cut out of construction paper. On each hand was a person's name and 5 things (one on each finger) that he or she was thankful for. Our whole family participated in this activity about 2 weeks ago and it was so much fun to see what my kids wrote (or dictated) that I had to copy them down and share them with all of you. NOTE: this activity took place just a couple days before our dog, Molly died. I am amazed that each of my children thought to list her as a blessing!

8 year old daughter:
I am thankful for Molly
and God
and for my family
and Lady (our other dog)
and lots of other stuff and my brothers

6 year old daughter:
My school
and God Jesus
and Molly
and friends
and toys

4 year old son:
My dog Molly
My dog Lady
for Mommy
for Owen
for my school

2 year old son:
The Girls (his sisters)
My Brother


Colorful Leaves
My Family
Ice Cream

Today at church during the Children's Sermon (all the children go to the front of the church for a kid version of the grown-up sermon) my 4 year old son was asked, "What makes you happy?" He answered, "Getting a new dog would really make me happy." This makes feel happy and sad both at the same time. Happy that he misses Molly so much that he wants another one (even though we still have one) and sad that Molly is no longer with us.

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