Friday, November 2, 2007


OK, sorry to keep bringing up lice but it appears to be an ongoing problem at my children's school.

I just received an email from the principal that said Science Night is canceled in order to prevent further infestation AND from now on, children will put their backpacks and coats in plastic bags when they arrive at school to prevent the spread of lice. How bad is the infestation????

I read on the internet (and heard from a friend) that lice do not like the smell of Listerine so I have been spraying my daughter's head with Listerine every other day. She smells like a medicine cabinet and complains that this is embarrassing but it is better than getting lice AGAIN.

Having said that, I attended the 1st grade Halloween party the other day and guess what? One of the games was "Stick the Wart on the Witch" and required each kid to wear THE SAME BLINDFOLD! I started to panic and told my daughter YOU ARE NOT PLAYING THIS GAME and then I ran up to the 3rd grade classroom to make sure they were not playing a similar game because the lice started (for us) with my 3rd grader. Fortunately, there were no games in 3rd grade and my 1st grader was able to play the game by closing her eyes instead of wearing the blindfold. Obviously the mom who planned this game has not had a lice infestation in her home because if she had, she would have realized this game was a great way to spread lice.

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