Saturday, November 24, 2007

Good News, Bad News

I think my Thanksgiving Day can be summed up with the phrase: Good News, Bad News.

Good News: My husband didn't have to go to work on Thanksgiving day.
Bad News: He left the house at the same time as he does when he goes to work (7:20am) so it was like any other morning for me and the kids.

Good News: He participated in a Turkey Trot foot race and he finished with a good time.
Bad News: He hurt his back and had to go to the chiropractor the next day. And he complained about his sore back all day long on Thanksgiving. (When he said he wanted to run the race, I said that was ok with me as long as he didn't complain about his aches and pains all day. I know him SO well.)

Good News: It was a beautiful fall day, very warm, around 70 degrees which is unheard of on Thanksgiving!
Bad News: When we went outside to get in the car to drive to my sister's for Thanksgiving dinner, we discovered that someone had pelted our car with eggs and oranges the night before. There was glop all over the car and the egg yolk was pretty much baked on in the 70 degree weather.

Good News: It was an uneventful 2 hour ride to NJ and the kids slept part of the time.
Bad News: My 4 year old son threw-up as soon as we arrived at my sister's and my 2 year old son got diarrhea soon after.

Good News: The turkey was yummy.
Bad News: There was a little turkey mishap. My sister was using a counter top roaster to cook the turkey and apparently the thermometer/sensor was broken because the turkey was sizzling as if it were frying. After a few minutes of panic and a quick trip to the grocery store, the situation was remedied and the turkey was saved.

Good News: I discovered that I like sweet potatoes.
Bad News: But not the kind my brother makes. My brother mashed sweet potatoes and added some allspice and they were divine. (I sampled them while they were being mashed.) But then he had to go and add a stick of butter and about 3 cups of Splenda/Brown Sugar to them. They were terrible. All you could taste was Splenda. If that wasn't bad enough, he added about an inch of Fluff on top and then put them in the oven to BROIL so that the top burned like a campfire marshmallow. Ew. I like campfire marshmallows when I'm CAMPING not when I'm eating Thanksgiving dinner!

Good News: I got out for a walk on Thanksgiving Day!
Bad News: I am sure I did burn nearly enough calories to compensate for my indulgences!

What's not to like about Thanksgiving?! It's ALL Good News!

I'd like to leave you with my all-time favorite Thanksgiving memory from 2005.

We were having Thanksgiving at my sister's house (it was the first time she and her husband were hosting Thanksgiving in their new home.) My brother-in-law was in charge of mashing the potatoes and seemed to be having a difficult time: too many potatoes in a bowl that was too small using a hand mixer that was too small. The potatoes kept flicking out of the bowl. I told him that I had a trick that would solve his problem. I explained that he needed to take a dish towel and drape it around the mixer to keep the potatoes from splattering out of the bowl. He thanked me and took my advice. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that my brother-in-law is both an engineer AND a scientist and is VERY intelligent (like sometimes I am not even sure what he is talking about when he talks about his job.) Well, shortly after he draped the dish towel around the mixer, the towel got sucked into the beaters and the mixer became an unstoppable machine! It started making a terrible grinding sound as the towel got more entwined with the beaters. He started lifting the mixer out of the bowl and as he did, the towel started spewing mashed potatoes EVERYWHERE. Like all over him, the windows, the floor, the walls, the ceiling. It was in his hair and he could hardly see because it covered his glasses. It was such a sight to behold. My sister and I were both in tears and shaking from laughter. The family dog was thrilled, running all over the kitchen, licking mashed potatoes off the floor. (He too was covered in mashed potatoes but he is white so you could hardly tell.) Meanwhile, the mixer continued to grind and whirl as my brother-in-law tried to get control of it. It looked like a jackhammer as it spun towards the ceiling, the towel making the beaters move erratically, all the while continuing to cover everything in mashed potatoes. It was HILARIOUS! I don't know when I've laughed so hard. My brother-in-law did not find it funny at all and it has taken nearly 2 years for him to be able to laugh about it. It will be pretty hard to top this as my all-time favorite Thanksgiving memory.

And with that, I would like to say that I am thankful for laughter.

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