Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deceptively Delicious

About a month ago I purchased Deceptively Delicious, the cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld (wife of Jerry). The book contains recipes for adding pureed fruits and vegetables to food in order to boost the nutritional content of your kids' meals.

Since I used to be a librarian, I enjoy reading and discussing books . . . I'll try not to bore you with a book review but I do want to say that I have found the book helpful and we all really like the chocolate chip cookies made with chick peas as well as the homemade mac 'n cheese. The meatballs and greek dip are yummy too. And I love the retro look of the illustrations.

Anyway, here's what happened when I went to the store to purchase the book:

I took the book to the check-out counter of my local bookstore. I had my 2 year old son with me and there wass a senior citizen working behind the counter.

HIM: (Looks at my son and says) Hey there, kid. Watch out! You are about to be deceived!
ME: (Smile politely)
HIM: I just don't know about HIDING vegetables so kids will eat them! That just doesn't seem right.
ME: (Another polite smile as I hand over my credit card)
HIM: I was reading an article in the Inquirer this morning and the writer said that it is JUST WRONG! It is wrong to LIE TO YOUR CHILDREN about what they are eating! (Blah, blah, blah as he droned on . . . )
ME: (I really wasn't up for a fight but I had to respond so I said) Well, I kind of look at it like insurance. I am not going to stop giving them vegetables but if I can put extra veggies into their food then that's a good thing.
HIM: (Hands me my purchase and continues to mumble about the injustice of it all)

When I got back to the car I started to think about what he had said and I started getting really annoyed! First of all, I don't think this guy has a child under the age of 30 and I'm not sure the author of the article does either. Secondly, who the heck cares if I want to put veggies in my kids' food?! I CANNOT BELIEVE there is controversy over VEGETABLES!!! It's not like we are talking about spanking or vaccinating or neglecting to use a car seat! We are talking about VEGETABLES!!!

And as far as the "deception" of it all -- I don't know if Jessica Seinfeld even cooks her own food or if she cooks while her kids are with the nanny, but my kitchen is the hub of my house. My kids see me puree the veggies, they see me add them to the recipes and they even choose which recipe to try next and want to know what is in it. So there is no deception going on in my house, so I am not LYING to my kids THANK YOU VERY MUCH man at the book store and author of the article.

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Elberta said...

As a senior citizen, a former preschool teacher, a mom, a grandmother, and a great "Rachel admirer;" I must agree with Rachel about "Deceptively Delicious." Why the controversy? Most children don't get enough vegetables anyway--let's slip them in.

Apparently I was ahead of my time when my children were young (they are now 39, 38 and 32). I often put leftover blended veggies into our food--especially meatloaf and spaghetti sauce. If I were still teaching preschool, I'd incorporate some of those recipes into lesson plans and encourage the children to encourage their parents to make the recipes with them.