Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That's What Friends Are For

A truly good friend is someone who will come over to your house and comb through your hair to see if you have nits. Thanks, Jeannine!

A truly good friend, who also happens to be a neighbor, is someone you can call in a panic when you are 30 minutes from home and realize that you left a pot of boiling nit combs on your stove and fear that your house may already be up in flames. A shout-out to Phil, the Handsome Hero next door!

A truly good friend will drop everything to come to your rescue when you think your kitchen is on fire. Another shout-out to Kim, who hung up on her husband, grabbed her kids, and ran to my house to turn off my stove. Phil beat her to it though. She called me back and said, "The stove wasn't on. But there is this weird note that says there are cooties everywhere." She was clearly confused. I started laughing, knowing right away that it was Phil who wrote the note. I laughed even more when I got home and saw that the note was written on a paper towel tube!

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