Monday, October 15, 2007

Nits Not Over

We have been battling nits for a week now.

I have learned more about lice and nits than I ever hoped to know. If you ever have a problem with either, give me a call. I am now an expert.

I sent my oldest daughter to school today, only to get a call from the school nurse to say that I needed to come pick her up because she had ONE nit on her head and the school has a No Nit Policy.

A nit is not a louse. A nit is not an egg. A nit is a discarded egg shell left behind by a louse. The lice are dead and gone. The eggs have been removed. The nits are harmless.

I have spent at LEAST 2+ hours EVERY DAY for the past week trying to comb out these darn things. Apparently I missed one. The nurse said she removed the remaining nit and that my daughter seemed to be "nit free" but said she had to be sent home because she arrived at school with a nit. The nurse said to take her home, comb her hair (uh, YEAH, that's what I've BEEN doing for the past week!) and try again tomorrow.

Hopefully we will be nit free tomorrow. Please God. I cannot take much more of this.

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