Friday, October 19, 2007

He Thinks He's A Dog

As mentioned in a previous post, my youngest son was found licking milk off the floor as if he were a dog.

Recently as I was scooping dog poop off of the grass, he was running around the yard pointing and shouting, "Poop here, Mommy! Poop here!" And then I would go over and clean it up. As I was busy hunting for poop (which was hard to see with all the fallen leaves), apparently he was busy too because he shouted, "Mommy! I pooped! I pooped!" I turned around and discovered that he had taken off his pants and pooped in the yard! I tried to explain to him that boys poop in the potty, not in the yard, but he just kept jumping up and down and pointing at his poop and saying something about "Me poop and Molly poop." (Molly is one of our dogs.) I didn't realize that potty training would include a lesson about pooping indoors instead of out.

I am more convinced than ever that he is not quite sure whether he is a boy or a dog.

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