Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Parade

The Halloween Parade was great! The weather was crisp, but not too cold and it was dry in spite of a rainy forecast. We lined up on the sidewalk near the start of the parade -- what luck! The kids got TONS of candy! So much that they couldn't pick it up off the ground fast enough! They had a FABULOUS time and so did I. (Although I think I enjoyed it so much because it has been the first time in 8 years that all my children have been developmentally old enough to enjoy the parade without needing fed, burped, put to bed, etc. Therefore I also enjoyed the parade.)

Had to post this picture of the back of the "snunk" costume! Too cute! He found out he was a skunk yesterday at a Halloween party. He got lots of positive attention so now he is happy to be a "snunk".

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