Saturday, October 13, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge = Great Big Disappointment

Our much-anticipated trip to Great Wolf Lodge finally arrived! We left after school on Thursday (the kids were off on Friday) and arrived in time to play in the water park for 2 hours. Everyone had a good time! My 4 year old reports that his "favorite thing" was the log cabin and the Woo-pa Woo-pa Slide (whatever that means).

You might be wondering about the title of this post . . . well, we woke up Friday morning and arrived at the water park when it opened at 9am. Around 10am the power went out! We stayed at the water park for a few minutes but the power didn't return so we decided to check-out. (Check-out was at 11am. Our original plan was to check-out but stay at the water park for a few hours and then head home.) I asked at check-out if there was some sort of compensation for the power going out but was told, "No. The power is not in our control. You are welcome to stay and enjoy our other amenities." Really? What can we do without power? I guess we could have listened to story time while munching on free cookies until the power returned. Instead, we opted to visit the nearby outlets and eat lunch somewhere where power was available. So we did this and of course, we heard whining the whole time about wanting to go back to GWL. We called the Lodge around 1pm, thinking we would go back to the water park for a few hours but found out that the power was STILL out so we decided to give up and drive home.

I am going to call GWL on Monday and try to work out some sort of discount for our next visit. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Great, another pissed off soccer mom who makes up a story about having a "reunion" at Great Wolf Lodge to try to get a free night or refund. life is ruined because of a power outage.

We have stayed at the Poconos Great Wolf twice in the last 2 years, and my kids have had a BALL!! The place is very well run and clean, and the staff was very fact they go the extra mile.

I ordered 2 small cakes for my Wife's birthday, and to the kid's surprise, they brought out a whole platter with the cakes, strawberries and even 3 cupcakes with candy to decorate for my 3 daughter at poolside!

The girls brought their wand from the previous year to reuse for the magicquest. as we were recharging it, it was not working...possibly due to the batteries being dead. No problem, stated the salesperson at the counter, she proceeded to GIVE my girls a NEW wand!

I could go on about how these people go the extra step for service, but you are getting my point.

I have told many people from my area about Great Wolf, and they have returned from a 6 hour drive Thanking us and raving about such a great find!

Dane said...

Hi Rachel-

I found your blog through the annoymous commenter--- they felt the need to leave the same comment on my blog and then came back to question why I erased it.

My friend Heather was able to get a refund from Great Wolf by contacting the General Manager. I hope they can help you to.

The point of Great Wolf Lodge is the water park...that is what you pay for. It is not wrong to expect it to work. I am glad the annoymous poster had a great time....but they doesn't discredit your experience.

Good Luck!

Heathernfrankie said...

Hi Rachel. My friend, Dana, told me about your blog. I was up in the Poconos lodge when the power went out. It was out for 3 hours. Try entertaining 2 young children for that long a time. I was very dissatisfied and did speak with a manager about it. I would write to them and let them know how dissatisfied you are. I did and am in the process of getting a refund.
Good luck!!