Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get Off My Property!

This sign showed-up out in the alley behind my house about a month ago. My elderly neighbor who has been pleasant for the last 10 years, suddenly decided that she did not like children and their parents playing in her driveway. Nevermind that my car got the windshield broken by teens who were throwing ROCKS, she is concerned about toddlers and their toys. (Think about it: toddlers are out there being supervised by their parents; the teens are out there throwing rocks. Who should she be more concerned about?!)

It all started one night when there were 15 or 20 of us (about 6 adults and their kids) out in the alley. When cars drive through the alley, we have to move to the sides of the alley to let the cars pass. This seems reasonable. As it turns out, the car in question needed to turn into the elderly neighbor's parking space but couldn't because we were all standing there. As soon as we realized we were blocking the driveway, we moved. Well the woman who was driving (my neighbor's niece) was VERY ANGRY and the next day the sign went up.

I immediately went over to speak with my neighbor and indeed, she was unhappy about the above incident. But she was also very upset with another neighbor for a couple reasons which I won't get into here. Her reasons seemed silly to me, not something over which to start a property war.

Then my neighbor put up his own sign in retaliation:

I'm not sure if you can read it or not, but it says GET OFF MY PROPERTY! Pretty funny and just in time for Halloween.

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suzanneu said...

You handled it nicely, Rachel. :-) Going to her in person was the way Jesus taught rather than putting the other sign up which is something that would be likely to divide.

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of G-d." Matthew 5:9