Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Gotta love livin' in the Boro. Our car was vandalized on Monday afternoon between 4-6pm. I came home around 4 o'clock and around 6pm, my neighbor asked if we knew that our rear windshield was smashed. This was news to us. Unfortunately, petty vandalism is not unusual where we live. Our town is densely populated (about 18,000 people living in about 1 square mile) and several of our neighbors have experienced vandalism in the preceding weeks.

I called the police, which was VERY exciting for all the neighborhood boys! The police officer filed a report and told me to call my insurance company. The windshield will get repaired today.

Judging from the way the glass shattered, we think someone used either a baseball bat or skateboard to smash it. The hole you see in the second picture is the result of the police officer opening the hatch (as soon as he opened it, all the loose glass dropped out, creating a much larger hole) to see if there was a rock or brick in the cargo area that would have been used to smash the window. There was nothing in the cargo area, except our stroller, which has glass all over it. Because there was no "weapon", this supports the theory of a baseball bat or skateboard. Also, the shape of the hole was consistent with our theory. In addition, my next door neighbor came home from work around 5:20pm and did not see the smashed glass and my neighbor who lives near the end of alley remembers seeing a kid with a skateboard walking past his house around 5:30pm.

On the bright side, I am thankful that it didn't happen when it was raining or snowing and the kids enjoyed the interaction with the police officer.

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