Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thank God for Jello Fights

Me & Kelly

The Drama Queen was home from school today because she was sick. Or so I thought when I kept her home. But as the day wore on, I discovered that she was probably just tired and not sick. (But how many times have I sent a "tired" child to school, only to get a call from the nurse telling me that the child has a fever and needs to come home?) So I kept her home. By 4pm she had managed to lose her TV privileges until SATURDAY; lose her trampoline privilege for the day; and make me so crazy that I would not allow her to have ANY snacks for the rest of the day (dinner only).

She and her younger brother were having an afternoon snack of Jello. The next thing I know, there is Jello all over both of them, all over the counter and all over the floor! I was really annoyed; I told them to clean it up but that meant they just smeared it all over the place with paper towels. I told them they had to sit there until it was eaten. The next thing I know, Jello is flying around AGAIN. This time I started to force-feed them the remaining Jello (which was not much by this time) but the Drama Queen gagged and coughed and spit it up so at that point I decided she could not have ANY more snacks for the rest of the day. Of course this translated to drama later in the evening (after dinner when she was looking for "dessert") but "oh well".

The Jello thing happened around 3:30PM. My dear friend, Kelly, who was my roommate in college for a few years, called around 5:00PM. I love Kelly. She knows me better than most and I rely on her for advice and laughter and commiseration. Kelly has three girls ages 6-11 so she can relate to my crazy life. I was telling her about the Jello story (as my son, the co-conspirator in the Jello thing was HOWLING for a snack). She started telling me about a friend of hers who had a baby 6 weeks ago . . . the baby is still in the NICU. She was born with a defective heart and different medical problems keep cropping up daily. She is a very, very sick baby and her parents wake up each morning not knowing if she will live through the day. Kelly reminded me that her friend would love for her little girl, Riley, to grow up and have a Jello fight. So I had to stop and thank God for the Jello fight and also ask for his loving care over little Riley and her parents. So thanks to Kelly for putting it all in perspective.

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