Thursday, September 6, 2007

Meltdown Madness

Welcome to the Land of Langan, where melt-downs are guaranteed. Let's see, we had 7 meltdowns this morning in less than 1 hour. How is this possible? Wait until I tell you that all the meltdowns belonged to my middle 2 children! My daughter had 5 meltdowns (again, how is this possible?) and my son had 2. Why, you may ask? Let me see if I can remember;

Meltdown #1: son
He wanted to fill the sugar bowl with sugar. I explained that he could use the remaining sugar in the sugar bowl for his cereal and could fill the sugar bowl AFTER eating (otherwise he would have scooped the entire sugar canister into his cereal bowl and would have eaten nothing but sugar for breakfast). MELTDOWN.

Meltdown #2: daughter
Her sister poked her. It is never that cut and dry. Daughter #2 usually perpetrates physical violence on her siblings and then freaks out when they retaliate. So I probe. Turns out that daughter #1 was using the computer and daughter #2 told her to "get off MY computer" and then pushed her off the seat and then daughter #1 poked daughter #2. MELTDOWN.

Meltdown #3: daughter
While attempting to brush the rats' nest that is her hair, I suggested that she might want to take a shower to which she quickly replied, "NO!" So I had no choice but to continue to brush. And then spray her hair with detangler. And then use a hair pic to comb through the mess. She began to shriek that I was pulling her hair. And then she yelled at me for hurting her hair. At which point I reminded her that it is not appropriate to speak to me (her MOTHER) in that way and that she could have taken a shower but since she refused, she must suffer the consequences of tangled hair. MELTDOWN.

Meltdown #4: daughter
I ended up sending daughter #2 to her room to get dressed and told her that she must stay there until she is finished crying. About 10 minutes later she came downstairs (I was in the shower) dressed for school. Daughter #1 informs her that she cannot wear the outfit to school because it violates the dress code because of the spaghetti straps. MELTDOWN.

Meltdown #5: daughter
Daughter #2 is very dramatic (note the pictures at the top of the post, taken on our recent family vacation) and I know this because she is able to turn off the tears almost immediately. So the Drama Queen enters the bathroom (I'm still in the shower . . . hey, it is the only time I get to be alone so I take long showers!) and shows me her outfit. I explain to her (body still in the shower, head sticking out) that she cannot wear that shirt because it is against the dress code and if she wears it she will be sent to the principal's office and he will call me and tell me that I sent my daughter to school in inppropriate clothing and that I have to come pick her up or bring her different clothing. Drama Queen looks at me with innocent eyes, as if she doesn't understand a word I've said. So I tell her (still half in/out of the shower) that she cannot wear that outfit to school. MELTDOWN.

Meltdown #6: son
"Ahhhhhh! Where are my SOFT pants???? I want to wear my SOFT pants!!!!" Rolling around on the floor, kicking and screaming. Apparently he does not like the shorts that I put on him (before getting into the shower). He was happy to wear them 5 days a week all summer but for some reason, they are not SOFT and therefore he cannot possibly wear them today.

Meltdown #7: daughter
The Drama Queen goes back upstairs (you'll be happy to know that I'm out of the shower by this time) to find something else to wear. She comes downstairs wearing an outfit that she got from the dirty laundry. I explain that she cannot wear this as it is DIRTY and to my surprise, she takes it off and goes back upstairs. I smile, happy that I've gotten through to her. No, wait a minute, is that wailing I hear from up on the 3rd floor? Oh, yes, it is. And the wailing is getting louder. She is coming down the steps. Wailing. "I have NOTHING to wear THAT I LIKE!" So I explain that she will, in fact, have to wear something that she does not like. MELTDOWN.

I'm happy to report that the child did not go to school naked. We went up to her room together and selected an outfit that belongs to her older sister, who graciously allowed the Drama Queen to borrow it. Once she put on her sister's outfit, she was perfectly pleasant and content. And as the bus rolled to a stop, she turned to me, gave me a hug, smiled sweetly and said, "I love you ma-ma." MELTS MY HEART.


Lilah McKnight said...

Wow! Good thing you don't have sextuplets and twins! (-amck)

Suzanne said...

Oooooo these photos will be good "insurance" for when she is a teen!

You are a good and patient Mom, Rachel.

Soon her hair will be long enough to get it cut and the haircut will be short for awhile which will really help with the am prep to go to school or church.

Love you!

Elberta said...

Now I know why you have children when you're young! I have three grown children and don't remember having whole mornings like that! You're quite a mom, Rachel. I've always thought so. Now, I'm super positive.

Kate Koreto said...

I feel your pain my sister was also a drama queen. That's why some of those meltdowns sounded so familar